Prof. Rajendra Bhatia  Prof. Rajendra Bhatia  
Ashoka University, India  
Title: Metrics and means on positive definite matrices    
 Dr. Greenbaum Prof. Anne Greenbaum  
Title: Crouzeix's Conjecture, Extremal Blaschke Products, and K-Spectral Sets  
University of Washington, USA  
 Dr. Li Prof. Chi-Kwong Li  
William & Mary, USA  
Title: Joint numerical ranges and commutative matrices    
 Dr. Overton Prof. Michael L. Overton  
New York University, USA  
Title: Crouzeix's conjecture    
 Dr. Panjeh Ali Beik Dr. Fatemeh Panjeh Ali Beik  
University of Rafsanjan, Iran  
Title: A survey on preconditioning techniques for double saddle point systems: spectral and field-of-values analyses    
 Dr. Psarrakos Prof. Panayiotis Psarrakos  
NTUA, Greece  
Title: From matrices to matrix polynomials    
Prof. Moslehian  Prof. Mohammad Sal Moslehian  
U. Mashhad, Iran  
Title: Choi-Davis-Jensen inequality revisited    
 Dr. Tam Prof. Tin-Yau Tam  
U. Nevada, USA  
Title: Geometry and inequalities associated with symmetric space of noncompact type    
 Dr. Trefethen Prof. Nick Trefethen  
U. Oxford, UK  
Title: Chebfun and continuous linear algebra    
 Dr. Xu Prof. Qingxiang Xu  
SHNU, China  
Title: Generalized parallel sum of adjointable operators on Hilbert C*-modules